Algorand Blockchain for AWS

  • AWS Fargate deployments remove access to the OS provides an extra layer of security
  • Self-healing, multi-AZ Indexer DB on Aurora with auto-scaling read-replica option for high-scaling environments
  • Deploy any node type into up to 24 regions
  • Validated by the Algorand research team
  • Autoscaling Algod nodes for high-transaction throughput
  • Fully automated CI/CD pipeline for deploying MainNet and TestNet across accounts
  • Prescriptive workflows for deploying high-stakes participation nodes



average montly cost to build on Algorand without limitswith AWS incentives


24 regions

support Algorand node deployments from your own AWS accountsimply by adding an entry to a configuration file



transaction and indexer queriesrunning against your own autoscaled infrastructure


zero dependency

on 3rd party API node aggregatorsthrough frictionless self-deployment and bullet-proof engineering

75,000 USD

Use an API service to 'spin up' some nodes and get rate limited then charged extra for any serious traffic you throw at it.

Included in Subscription

Or you can get serious on day one and take ownership of your own infrastructure build effortlessly on Algorand without limits.

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