Build secure, stable, and competitive applications on AWS

Immediately deployable, modular, battle-tested solutions architected for customer independence.

Guardrail is your force multiplier in the Cloud.

We give you the source code and everything you need to turn one developer into six and six into a hundred.

Experience in Code

Get access to rare knowledge and experience from developers who shipped globally successful products to billions of users on AWS. No talking. No advice. Just code.

Own What You Build

Guardrail Solution Kits are high-impact, modular force multipliers with a small code footprint and a license to the full source code. Dynamic Runbooks show you how to extend our modules and deploy them as your own, on your own.

Unlimited Support

Each solution comes with unlimited 24/7 "build it, run it" support from the team that built it. A self-sustainability SLA takes customer independence beyond obsession – it's our obligation.

Quality Assured

Unlimted Support raises the bar on quality. We don't make money if our solutions don't work. With a collective experience serving thousands of AWS customers, our team is skilled in the lost art of building self-deployable applications into unkonwn customer environments.

Solutions to all the Common Problems

We provide solutions to everything that's been done before, so that you can focus all your energies on on building unique solutions for your customers. Our code stops right where your value begins.

See what our customers are saying.

"This is REAL DevOps."

Yigit Guler, CTO, Hibo Labs

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